Graphic design in Cornwall.


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I offer this service to all interior clients understanding the importance of branding their space. Every business needs to create value and drive revenue. The more competitive the environment the harder that becomes. I offer a branding consultancy that uncovers what is unique and special about an organization and helps it to do what it does best.

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Peat’s Beast

It’s really nice when you get to work with such a quality product, and this whisky was just the ticket! Working with Clayton Graham, we think the design speaks for itself.

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Peats’ Beast hot off the press

We thought we would take some photos to share with you of the Single Malt bottles running through the factory. It’s great to see the new branding in this context – it’s makes it all worthwhile!

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beer label

Broughton ales

Brewed in the borders of Scotland, these ales really are a refreshing change for the taste buds! We had to create a brand that reflected this as well as the homegrown element of the product. It’s all in the process, from sowing the seeds to pouring the perfect pint, and the identity hopefully shows just this. Again, a great product to work on.

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